About Us

We are a small nonprofit group. We rely only on our adoption fees to survive. We have been rescuing, vetting, and rehabilitating dogs and puppies since 2009. We take in dogs and puppies from our county kill shelter as well as abandoned and injured dogs and puppies, regardless of their age or any health issues. We do not turn any away due to health issues. We have taken in dogs with heartworms, mange, physical handicaps, injuries, severe malnutrition, etc. You name it, we've probably seen it! We get these pooches back to good health then begin our search for just the right home for this pet! One advantage we have over other rescues is that two of our volunteers are in wheelchairs, so many of our pooches are already used to being around individuals with special needs!

We also help individuals in our community rehearsal their pets if needed. When an individual agrees to allow us to rehome their puppies, we spay their mother dog for them free of charge.

We also offer low cost spay neuter transport service locally. We also recommend local and out of state spay neuter voucher programs as needed.