Hi, I don't want to sound redundant but We are so in love with Ally!! and the feeling is definitely mutual :-) Her favorite place to sleep is between me and my husband on one of our pillows . I bought her the same kind of food you had been feeding her and she is eating well. Having fun chasing the squirrels and the chipmunks in the backyard. She is so fast and she hops like a bunny rabbit. It is so cute ! She went with me to the post office today, was a champ in the car. And when I go to work on Thurs. I am going to bring her to the office to meet my co-workers and then my son will take her home.I love how gentle she is with her toys and her sweet kisses. My bathroom door doesn't shut tightly so she right away when I go in there pushes the door open and lays on the rug in front of the sink. She is funny. I love her so very much!!! thank you again 1million times !! :-) 
If you ever need me to use as a reference for your organization I would be happy to.




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