and Skipper makes 4!

Skipper (formerly Captain) happily became the little brother to Ranger after his previous potential adoption fell through. After raising 4 boys mom knew just one dog in the family was just not right and decided it was the perfect time to find a playmate for Rranger and expand the family. Thinking we wanted a predominantly labrador like Ranger for playing on our great backyard at the beach there was Skipper with his half blue eyes looking for his new home. While Ranger wa a local rescue, dad became convinced that making the 5 hour drive to the western part of NC was the right thing to do. Thank you so much Melanie for working with through the adoption process and enabling us to make Skipper a part of the family! Did I mention that despite his lab father and part shepherd mother - Skipper is 17+ breeds with Husky being predominant. The only part of Wisdom Panels DNA analysis was his grown weight of 90+ -  thank goodness! He is a muscular 46 lbs. and has just enough water dog input for his webbed feet and his swimming ability. 

Family Photos: 
Morning chill
favorite hang out with family