Everything is fantastic! We changed Buttercup's name to Mia, which she is responding to. She is a perfect match to me and my entire family. About 2 weeks in, we knew she was feeling very comfortable in her new home because the chihuahua attitude keeps coming out. She lets everyone know that she is present. We truly lucked out with her. We didn't have to do much of anything with her as far as training. She is great on her walks, and boy does she like to go for walks. As soon as I get her and Tyson's harnesses, she dances and wags her tail with such excitement. Mia and Tyson get along so well. That was from the very beginning, so that too was easy.  She continues to shower us with her kisses and she loves her belly rubs. What a huge personality on such a little girl.

Larrisa B.





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