Hi Melanie,
Dixie has been doing great in obedience, and therapy too.She has her Rally Novice title and today she got her Beginners Novice Obedience title with a first place score!!!!!  She also has all the CGC titles and finished her Tail Waggin' Tutor qualification, but we're still going to keep going to the library. So we're going to stay with the TWT, Rally and Obedience and see how many titles she can get.  So far her name is Yeandle's Dixie, CGC CGCA CGCU TDI TDIA TDIAOV TWT RN BN  and I still have to apply for the AKC therapy titles.

So, Dixie is doing great and once she gets going she just keeps on going.  I feel bad, tho, bkz the winter was so cold, we didn't get many serious walks in, but now that it's getting nicer outside, we can go for longer walks.

And she is really smart- in the morning, she automatically goes to the left for her longer walks, and in the evening, she goes to the right to pee and then just automatically goes back to the door to come in.  And when we started going to obedience classes, it was really weird, bkz she knew some things that I never really had to teach her.  She knew where heel position and how to get there  from standing in front of me, so someone taught here something at some time. 
I'm just so happy with her, thank you again.

karen yeandle

 Hi Melanie,
Just wanted to let you know that Dixie passed her Therapy Dog Test on Saturday!!!  Now she can go to nursing homes, hospitals, and my favorite is to go to the library to let kids read to her.  They really seemed to like that when I did it with my previous dog.  Can't wait to get started.  If not for the paperwork

 Karen Yeandle


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