Our sweet baby girl is a baby

I love my new home, my Mom and Daddy love me a whole lot. We are working on going potty outside and not inside unless on a puppy pad. I love to play with my sister and Mommy, she is so fun. I cuddle with her when my sister is busy with my other sister Kaley. She is really old so my sister sleeps with her sometimes so she isn't alone under her blanky. I run and play, I cuddle, and am learning to catch a ball. Thank you all for taking such good care of me. And thank you for finding my wonderful family who say they are blessed the day I came home to them. 

Family Photos: 
This is me when I got to my new home, my name use to be Pearl. Now it is Savannah!
This is me and my new best friend, my sister Tinsley. We are both the same color so Mom and Dad call us twins.