Hi Melanie,


Just wanted to give you an update on Princess Leia now called Esme.  We are so lucky to have gotten her.  She is an absolute angel with no exaggeration.  She is loving, kind, smart, and obedient.   She learned the dog door in 3 days and is completely house trained and a great listener.   We absolutely love her.  She is such a perfect loving little dog.   Honestly, we could not have gotten or trained a better dog. 

We appreciate what you do, and wanted to know that she got a great loving home.   She is very happy.   About a month after getting Esme we got a 1 year old Rat Terrier Rescue called Tula.  They are absolutely best friends, and love each other.  Esme is extremely loved and part of our family.  

All the best,

Lee and Karen Rockey

Family Photos: