Tillie the love bug

After our 16 year old, Angie passed we knew we wanted to get another dog to be a companion to our 13 year old Penny, who is a Chug.  I searched on the internet for many different rescues & shelter to find another Chug.   We have fell in love with this breed ever since we got Penny 13 years ago.  With knowing that Penny is up in years & that we could lose her soon we wanted to get a dog now instead of waiting.  

I saw that there were Pomerians available in GA & there was a chug in Richmond, VA.  We live in Horntown, VA right near the MD line.  We were willing to drive for the right dog.  We saw Tillie bio & we knew she was the one.  She is past the puppy stage but still  youthful & I wanted a lovable dog that would snuggle with me.  As our Penny has aged she does not want snuggles as much.  

We drove over 7 hours each way to Martinsville, VA to pick up Tillie.  She was a little timid at first .  She did not want to leave the foster mother.  We decided to drive back to Horntown instead of spending the night & have her disrupted again.  She was such an angel on the drive in the car.  I sat in the back seat & loved on her from time to time.  She was still quite shy.  My husband & I switched drivers & he sat in the back seat with Tillie.  Tillie whined & wanted to come up front with me.  After about 15 minutes she made her way to the fron passager seat.  She sat there the rest of the way home.  My poor husband had to sit in the back!

She was scared at first as we expected.  We gave her space & let her explore the house.  She met our other dog Penny & they had no gumbles about each other.  Later she met our cat, Lovey.  Tille could care less about her but our cat insisted on hissing at her.  Almost every time they meet Lovey will his at her.  Tillie will perk up her ears & move on.  

Tillie is the most loveable dog I have ever had.  From the 1st night she has slept right next to me.  She waits for me to give her permission to get up on the bed then she proceeds to give me a mulitude of kisses.  When she settles down she put her head under the covers with her behind sticking most of the time.  Sometimes she will go all the way under the sheets.  She sleeps there all night like a perfect lady.  She insists on sitting with me on the living room recliner.  (it is a tight fit).  She has learned where the treats are kept & when the dogs get their treats.  I cannot image why anyone would give her up.  She is our baby & she is not going anywhere but with us.  She loves her doggy beds & likes to stretch out in them during the day.  She uses the doggy door like a pro.  She is so sweet, loveable & snuggable.  We are so glad she has joined our family.  

Rescues are the best dogs.  The appreciate the love & kindness we give them & give you undying love in return.  Thank you Carolina Canine Rescue for all that you do to help these angels.  


Family Photos: