Email is the preferred method of contact! carolinacaninerescue@gmail.com
NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE!! To conserve the volunteers time, we only return phone calls
once your application is approved.


  1. How can I see my pet before applying?
    All of our pets are in foster homes. We do not have a facility. We have foster homes in various locations, but many are fostered in North Carolina. You may email us to see where a particular pet is located, but often a meet-and-greet is difficult due to distance.
  2. Why do I see my pet posted in more than one location?
    We post in various locations to maximize exposure of our pets. We live in a high-kill area, and the sooner we can adopt a pet out, the sooner we can rescue another pet.



  1. We do not adopt small breed dogs or puppies to families with young children.
  2. You must be at least 21 to apply. If still living at home, we must speak with a parent also.
  3. A fenced yard may or may not be required.
  4. We do not fly our pets.



  1. What states do you adopt to?
    We adopt anywhere in the U.S.
  2. Do you adopt into Canada?
  3. Will I be able to cross the border with my new pet?
    Yes, only a valid rabies certificate is required, but you will have all of your new pets veterinary records, including an up-to-
    date rabies certificate.
  4. How will I get my new pet?
    Transportation is available.



  1. What are your adoption fees?
    Fees vary based on the pet, but on average fees are $150 - $600.
  2. What do the fees cover?
    On pets over 6 months of age, adoption fees cover spay/neuter, heartworm test, dhpp and rabies vaccines, microchip insertion, Frontline treatment, deworming, and certificate of health for travel from our veterinarian. Puppies under 6 mos. of age will have up-to-date vaccines but will not be spayed or neutered for health reasons.
  3. Deposit A nonrefundable $75 deposit is required within 24 hrs. once you let us know you would like to move forward with an adoption. Once your deposit is paid, we do not accept any further applications on that particular pet. The deposit is included in the adoption fee.
  4. How are the fees paid?
    Fees can be mailed if time allows, but we prefer PayPal. We can send an invoice if you prefer to pay with a credit or debit card.



  1. Place an application from the website. Be sure that you hit submit at the end of the website. You should then be redirected to a page indicating that your application was received. You may also want to send us an email letting us know that you have placed an application.
  2. You can place more than one pets name on an application or email us to let us know if you are interested in more than one pet.
  3. Your application may take up to 7 days to process. You will be notified by email if your application was approved or not for that particular pet.
  4. If your application is approved, you will then be given the phone number to the foster family if your pet is over 6 months old. We require that in the adopter speak with the foster if adopting a pet over 6 months old. This needs to be done within 24 hours of receiving your approval email. If your pet is under 6 months old the phone number will be provided upon request.
  5. If you decide to move forward with the adoption after speaking with the foster, your deposit needs to be paid, the adoption contract on our website needs to be signed and returned, and you need to make your pets reservation with the transporter.
  6. The balance of your adoption fee is due by the Thursday night prior to your pet leaving the rescue.



  1. How do I make a reservation for my pet?
    1. Please visit throwawaypupstransport.com to make your pet's reservation.
      You can also see a list of their scheduled stops and fees.
    2. We can email you the name and email address of an individual that will
      deliver to your door on a more flexible schedule. He does charge more.
  2. What if I can not receive my pet on the next available transport?
    We charge a $10 day boarding fee if your pet cannot be received on the next available transport because we have other dogs waiting to come into the program once your pet leaves. We can provide you with the contact information of an individual that will deliver to your door with a flexible schedule, and would encourage you to use his services.
  3. What if I decide not to show up for the transport?
    If you have not cancelled your adoption at least 48 hours prior to the transport, and decide not to show up for the transport, no adoption fees will be refunded. The transporter does not have anywhere to keep the pet if you do not receive him/her.



  1. How do I register my microchip?
    You can register online or by phone with Home Again. If you tell them you adopted a rescue, they will give you a discount. Tell them you adopted from in NC636.
  2. What happens if I don't register my microchip?
    If your dog becomes lost or stolen, any vet or animal shelter will scan your pet when found. If you did not register your microchip, the pet will remain registered to our rescue. Whoever has your pet will not be able to find you.



What if I want to cancel my adoption?
You may cancel your adoption up to 48 hours of the transport date. Any adoption fees that you have paid will be refunded except the $75 deposit. This is because we have held that pet for you and we stopped accepting other applications on a pet once the deposit was paid.


  1. What if my new pet is not working out for my family?
    We do take our pets back within the first 2 weeks and refund your adoption fee, minus the nonrefundable deposit. After 2 weeks we take are our pets back on space available, but without any refund. We usually have space for small breed pets. We do expect you to give your new pet adequate time to adjust to his/her new home. This can take up to a week or so.
  2. How do I return a pet that I have had for a while?
    Please send an email letting us know that you need to return the pet and why. We normally have room for small breed pets, but all pets can only be returned as space is available. If you are returning a pet for a behavioral reason, we will required you spend a minimum of four sessions one-on-one with a trainer/behavioralist first to see if the issue can be resolved. We must be notified if you are unable to keep your pet for any reason. The pet CAN NOT be turned into a kill shelter for any reason per the adoption contract.
  3. How will a pet be returned?
    We use an individual that picks up at your door to delivery a pet to an adopter and to return a pet to our rescue. We will be happy to provide you with his email address. The owner/adopter is responsible for expenses. You may also drive your pet back if preferred.



  1. Where do you get the pets you have for adoption?
    The majority of our pets come from county animal shelters where they are at risk of being euthanized. We do take stray animals and owner surrenders on occasion.
  2. What type of dogs and puppies do you take?
    We take dogs and puppies from birth to seniors, regardless of any health issues. We frequently take in dogs that are heartworm positive, have mange, have been injured, starving, etc. They are vetted, placed on quality food, and placed in a foster home where they are nurtured back to health before finding the perfect home. We try to find homes that match the needs of each individual pet.


Our Mission is to improve the welfare of animals by reducing pet overpopulation, preventing cruelty to animals, and reducing the abandonment and euthanasia of animals through humane education and spay neuter programs.