Hi! My name is BooBoo! I am 6 yo and weigh 7 lbs.  l love to be held, and petted, and snuggle. I get along well with other dogs and kids. I don't know about cats because the rescue doesn't have any. I probably couldn't hurt one though because of my small size. I have a medium energy level. I can go for a good walk, but when in the house,I am happy to lounge on the floor or your lap. I don't get on the furniture. I enjoy being outside and will bark when I'm ready to come in. I like to go for car rides. I do have one oddity. I am hesitant to come through the door if you are asking me to do so, as if when I come in you are going to go out and shut the door and leave me.  I'm not yappy but I do bark at strangers and if I am shut off in a room from you. I do not get in the trash. I do not chew up and destroy things. I will make somebody a wonderful little companion! 

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