Bud sweet temperament

Meet Bud, a charming 2 - 3 yo, 46 lb. boy who is eagerly searching for his forever home. He is fostered in Danbury, North Carolina but easy, affordable transportation is available. This lovable fellow has been neutered, is up to date on his rabies and dhpp vaccinations, and is heartworm negative. Bud recently found himself in the care of the County Animal Shelter because the owner had too many dogs.

One of Bud's most endearing qualities is his attentiveness to his to his foster. He takes a keen interest in every activity his foster engages in and finds immense joy in being involved.  Bud has a great disposition and is a gentle, happy, loving boy.  He walks on a leash and is a well-behaved passenger in the car, making him an excellent companion for daily adventures and road trips. 

Nothing brings Bud more contentment than receiving a good belly scratch in the grass as you can see in his video. He is good with other dogs and he enjoys playing and socializing with them. Bud does bark at strangers initially, but once he warms up, his friendly nature shines through.

Bud has a medium energy level and will need daily exercise. He knows how to "sit" and he comes when he is called. Bud is camera shy and a little nervous as you can see in his video by the  pacing and panting. He is very in tune to his surroundings and he knows something is going on. Please don't be misled by this though, it's not his normal behavian. Because of Bud's size and his great love of attention and being petted, we feel like he would make a great therapy dog. Even though he is 45 lbs., he is on the short side, being the perfect height for easy access to someone in a chair or bed. He would also make a great hiking or walking companion. Bud is just happy being with people whatever they are doing. He enjoys being involved in whatever is going on.

Email is the best method of contact. Applications can be found on the rescue website at carolinacaninerescuenc.com. By welcoming Bud into your home, you are not only gaining a loyal and loving companio. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make Bud a cherished member of your family and give him the forever home he deserves.





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