Hi! My name is Cocoa! I am  yo and weigh  lbs.  I love to play with other dogs and with toys. I have a medium energy level. I also love to snuggle and be held. I enjoy sleeping on the bed with my foster mom. I come when I'm called. I like to be outside, but prefer being inside with my people. I walk ok on a leash and ride well in the car.  I don't bark much, and will stop when I'm told to. I do not try to get in the trash. I do not take things that I should not have and chew them up.  I do not try to dart out of an open door. I would love to go on car rides with you. I would enjoy walking, hiking, camping, boating, and hanging out with my new family on the sofa. I'm just waiting put the my new family to come along. I hope it is soon! Emails the best method of contact.


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