*** I am fostered in Danbury, North Carolina but easy, affordable transportation is available.***

 My name is Harley! I weigh 50 60 lb and will soon be 4 years old. I grew up on a farm, but one of my owners passed and the other is no longer able to care for me. I get along well with other dogs and enjoy playing with them. I ride well in the car. I have good house manners and I don't try to dart out the door when it is open, get in the trash, or counter surf. I don't bark unless there is something to bark at. I like men and women, but I listen better to men. Because I have more energy than most dogs my breed, and am a  little on the nervous side, plenty of daily exercise is a must. I am also a very sweet and loving dog, really enjoy being with my people. I am ready and waiting for the right home to come along!

*** The sun was in my eyes for my pictures, so they are either closed or squinted.***


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