Jake bonded to Zoey

Meet Jake, an adorable furry friend looking for a new home! Jake is currently fostered in Danbury, North Carolina, but easy, affordable transportation is available. He is 5 years old and weighs 13 -15 lbs. Jake was surrender with Zoey because his owner could no longer care for them.

Jake is a heartworm-negative pup who is up to date on his rabies and DHPP vaccines. He has also been neutered, so he's all set to join your family. Although he's a little on the chunky side, Jake is a little more active than his best friend, Zoey, and has a medium energy level.

Jake is great with kids and other dogs of all ages and sizes, although he tends to chase and bark at cats without causing any harm. He will stop barking once he gets close to the cat and just walk away.  He walks well on a leash, can navigate stairs, and rides comfortably in a car. His submissive and easy-going temperament makes him a joy to be around, and he's always friendly to strangers.

One of Jake's special qualities is his love for snuggling. He is particularly bonded to Zoey, his best friend, and will actively look for her if separated. It's important for Jake and Zoey to be adopted together. They will not be adopted into a home with small children but because of their small size

Jake is a well-behaved pup who doesn't beg for food or attempt to get into the trash. While he may pant audibly in his video, it's important to note that it was recorded during extremely hot weather, and his extra weight didn't help matters. Jake is not a yappy dog and is generally calm and composed.

If you're interested in providing a loving home for Jake and Zoey, please reach out via email as it's the preferred method of contact. You can find adoption applications on the Carolina Canine Rescue website at carolinacaninerescuenc.com. Don't miss the opportunity to bring this adorable duo into your family and make their dreams come true!





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