Jet and Smoke

Jer and Smoke were turned into the animal shelter for unknown reasons. They are 10 and 11 years old and are very fbonded. They sleep together, follow each other around, and look for each other when they are not together. They both love to be held, especially Jet. Jet will curl up in your lap and stay for as long as you will let him. Smoke is a happy boy whose tail wags almost constantly. He also loves to be petted and held. They get along with other dogs and do not have any food or toy aggression. They don't actually play, but love to go outside and explore and go for walks. They will follow their person from room to room. They are both very treat oriented. Jet is not a barker. Smoke barks a little bit, but is not yappy. They are low to medium energy. They would be fine with cats because they are so laid-back and easygoing. They would be fine with kids, but no small kids because they are two small themselves. They have a video on YouTube CCR923. Email is the best method of contact.


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