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Hi! I am Kara! ! I am 11 to 12 weeks old and weigh about 13 to 15 lb. (7/1/19)  I am one in a litter of four. I am sure I am the cutest one because I have one little ear that stand straight up, and the other one folds over. We were turned into the animal shelter by our owners. The mom was a family pet. She had a wonderful temperament and was really good with kids! We are all very well socialized and very friendly. We are good with other dogs, kids, and cats. We are all very inquisitive and watch everything going on around us. We love to play with each other and with toys. We also enjoy being petted and giving lots of kisses. We are the perfect age to begin training. We have a medium energy level. It looks like a high energy level in our videos, but that is because we had been cooped up and we're just getting out for the day. We  wanted to go and play, not have our pictures made!  We are smart puppies and learn quickly. We are going to make someone a great companion!

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