Hi! My name is Koda! I am two years old and weigh approximately 60 lb. I have a long wavy coat, about four inches in length, but I have been groomed in a puppy cut after coming into the rescue. I was turned into the county shelter, but I don't know why. I'm house-trained, leash trained, and I kow sit and shake. I ride well in the car. I'm very gentle and graceful, prancing when I walk. I am also very agile and would do great with agility training. I am very calm and have a  medium energy level. In the house I will follow you from room to room and lay down at your feet or beside you until you are ready to move on to another room. I love to be with you and I'm a wonderful companion. Outside I  love to explore my yard for any new smells. I don't bolt out the door when you come home because I'm so happy to see you and just want to be with you. I come when called and take treats gently. I don't steal things or chew things up. I  bark when I hear strange noises and if the other dogs start barking. An apartment would probably not be a good  setting for me because my bark is loud and deep. I gave bark at strangers, but it doesn't take long at all for me to warm up once I know they belong there.  I do not jump on  people when they come in the house. I correct easily.  A  water bottle works really well as well as voice commands. I'm very smart and learn quickly. My coat is soft. I'm not sure if I'm a shed or not because I was groomed into a puppy cut very quickly after coming into the  rescue. I would do well as an only pet or with another large dog. I am just learning to play with other dogs and with toys so a playmate would be fun, but I do love all of the attention so I wouldn't mind being an only pet. I like to eat before the other dogs. My biggest drawbacks are that I have learned to work the automatic trash can and to counter surf for (food only), but I'm smart enough to know to do this only when know one is around. I enjoy being outside and will bark when I'm ready to come in. I really like to be with my people and will whine and bark if you shut me away from you.  I would be great to go to work with someone circuit to doggie daycare. I would be happy with just a stro, or jog. I would make a great therapy dog because I am gentle, love people, and am a good height for someone to pet me without having to bend over from a chair or bed. I just rest my head on whoever is petting me.  My foster mom is in a power wheelchair and I do very well around her. I hope someone will give me a chance in spite of my flaws. I really want to please you and have tons of love to give!

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