Kris 5 lbs.

Hi! My name is Kris! My two brothers and I were born to a family pet. We are still with our mom, and we'll stay with her until we get adopted. I am the largest one, and weigh 4 to 5 lb.  Our parents weigh approximately 12 lb. Our mom is a Chihuahua (terrier? mix?) and our dad is a Maltese / Shih Tzus mix. We are approximately 10 weeks old. We love to play! We love to play with toys, each other, and other dogs. We are good with cats. We are good with kids, but will not be adopted into a home with small children because we are so little. We are pretty typical puppies. We are wide open, and then we like to take our naps. We have the energy level more like a terrier, which is higher than a Maltese or Chihuahua. As we grow, we will need daily exercise and lots of mental stimulation. We are just a little bit on the timid side with strangers but warm up quickly. There is no known terrier in our background, but we sure act like one and are getting the wiry fur like one. We are too cute for words and provide hours of entertainment with our play. Email is the best method of contact..


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