Lady Bug NEW VIDEO!!

Hi! My name is Ladt Bug! I was turned in to the local County Animal Shelter with my bestie,  Duke. We were scheduled for euthanasia the day that we were pulled by the rescue. The shelter we were turned into is high kill and since we are seniors, and a bonded pair, nobody wanted us. We are of medium energy. We like to play with each other still. We do not care much for toys though. We walk well on leash and ride well in the car. We love our Milk-Bone treats and are very treat oriented. We take them out of your hand very gently. We absolutely love people and all the attention we can get. We are approximately 10 - 11 years old and weigh around 65 and 55 lb. We don't have any trouble with our vision or hearing. We get around good and aren't bothered with arthritis. We bark when there's something to bark at. We would be good with children, We are not cat tested though because the rescue does not have any cats.  We do not have any food aggression. We need a loving home to spend are golden years together in.  We have lots of love to give!

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