Hi! My name is Lamar! My brother Leo and I were purchased at a pet store and then later turned into the local county animal shelter. We are approximately 10 weeks old (1 / 1/20).  We weigh about 5 lbs. We love to play with each other and other dogs. We also still enjoy our long, leisurely naps! We are well socialized and are learning to come when called. We will follow you through the house and want to be in on whatever you are doing. We are curious little pups and love to explore. Because of our breed, we are considered hypoallergenic. We have a medium activity level, typical for puppies are age. We eat dry kibble. We are not housebroken though.  Wewould be good with older children, other dogs, and cats. We will not be adopted out to a family with small children because of our size. We are ready and waiting to go to our new forever home! 

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