Hi! My name is Lola! I am 1 and 1/2 years old and weigh 70 to 75 lb. I love attention and playing with other dogs! I  enjoy playing with my people too. I love toys, but I like to shred the cloth ones. I'm very treat oriented and respond well to commands,  especially when a treat is involved. I learn  very quickly. Presently I know to get in my crate, come, down, no, drop it, sit to be petted or for a treat, and out.  I don't like being in a crate but don't bark and howl about it. I walk pretty good on the leash and am  not a big digger. I mostly bark when there is something to bark at. I absolutely love the water and will  plop down in my kiddie pool any chance I get. I also love the snow! I have wavy fur that is not bad to get matted, but I do shed my under coat in little clumps.. I have one beautiful blue eye. Life is just one big party for me! I have a very happy temperament and I'm ready to play anytime. I do require daily exercise because I still have a lot of puppy still in me. I also like to counter surf. I like to curl up on the furniture or stretch out on the floor close to my owner. I follow people from room to room to check out what they're doing. I have an excellent nose and can find things on the floor that the other dogs seem to miss. I greet everyone with a wagging tail, but I have the bad habit of jumping on them also. My owner is in a wheelchair, which doesn't bother me one bit. I'm very alert and in tune to what's going on around me. I'm also very smart, almost to smart for my own good. I don't jump fences, or even baby gates. I could easily do so, but have just never figured that out.  If I want to see who is coming up the driveway while I'm outside, I stand on the deck and put my front feet up on the wooden fence and look over. I would probably do best is an only pet or with another dog about my size that is Alpha. because at times I have food aggression toward other dogs, not people,  and an alpha dog keeps me right in line! I'm very loving, very comical and entertaining, and very smart. I have tons of potential!  An experienced dog owner would probably be best because I know how to take advantage when the opportunity arises. I'm so smart that I would do best with somebody that is interested in training me in obedience, agility, search, anything that would give me mental stimulation, and physical exercise, I'm game for!  My present owner is rehoming me because I'm just too much dog for her to handle because she cannot give me proper exercise. I am looking for that special someone will appreciate a dog like me and help me reach my full potential!

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