My name is Louie! I am 2 years old and I weigh 20 lbs. I don't look like I weigh that much but I am short and solid. I love to play with other dogs of all sizes. I've been around children of all ages and I'm good with cats. I ride will in the car. I stay right with my foster in the yard and my favorite place to be is in a lap. I'm very treat oriiented. I sleep in my fosters chair at night. I don't try to get in the trash or dart out the door if it is open. I like men and women but gravitate toward my male foster. I rarely bark unless there is a stranger. I stay right by my foster then and in a few minutes stop and go up to me meet the new person. I'm a great companion dog and I'm looking for my new forever home. 

Email is the best method of contact. Applications can be found on our website carolinacaninerescuenc.com

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