Max 93 lbs.

Hi! My name is Max!  I am around 1 and 1/2 years old and weigh 92 lbs. I'm very friendly and love everyone. When my fosters come home I am so excited that I jump up and down. I love to ride in the car and go for walks. I get excited when I see my leash!  I walk pretty good on leash, but will pull if I see something that I want. I get along well with most dogs. I do not counter surf. I don't bark much. I enjoy being outside as long as someone is with me. I don't really care about being outside alone because I enjoy being with my people so much. I do not have separation anxiety though.  I am still very much a puppy but I do not chew things up. I do not chew on furniture.  I am pretty high energy, and even doing my "quiet time", I'm always watching and listening for anyone's movement and then I am up and want to be part of it!  I would love a home where I would get lots of daily exercise and where someone would be very attentive and loving to me. In return I will give lots of love and companionship!

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