Pooh Bear

*** This pet is fostered in Danbury, North Carolina. Easy, affordable transportation is available.***

Hi! My name is Pooh Bear! I'm 7 years old and weigh12 lbs.  I was surrender to the rescue because my human mom just had too much to do and could not provide the care that I needed. I was raised with four children and I get along great with other dogs. Sometimes I will play with them, but I prefer being with  people. I would do well in a home with one or two other dogs, or as an only pet. I will stand on my hind legs and paw the air for you to pet me, but if there are other dogs that want all the attention, I will not push my way through them to be petted. I enjoy sitting on a lap when I get the chance to do so. I sleep under my foster's bed, and sometimes in their bed. I will potty outside and I'm trained to use puppy pads. I don't bark much. I enjoy riding in the car. I don't get in the trash. I walk okay on a leash. I have a low to medium energy level. I have a very thick,  long coat and will need to be groomed regularly or brushed daily so that it does not matt. I did nip a seven year old boy that was visiting when he came into the house by himself unannounced. Other than that, I am a great little dog and will make someone a wonderful companion!

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