*** I'm fostered in Danbury, North Carolina. Easy, affordable transportation is available.***

My name is Roscoe. I was born 6 / 15 / 18. I weigh 99 pounds, but I am underweight. I was surrendered to the rescue because my parents were elderly and could not manage me. I do pull on leash and like to jump on you to give love. I'm good with children, but would like likely knock small children over. I need work on basic obedience and manners. I'm an easy going, happy, go lucky boy. I am on the active side for my breed and will need plenty of daily exercise. I enjoy being inside and outside  I stay in the yard well and do not try to get out of  the five foot chain link fence. I love everyone and get along well with other dogs, even small dogs. I love to play with them, and with people.  The rescue does not know if I'm good with cats because they do not have any.  My owner doesn't think that I would hurt a cat because I've never tried to hurt anything,  but  I have never been around one.  I ride well in the car and enjoy going on car rides. l will work my way up into the front seat. I'm house-trained and I am not a big barker. I have been around someone in a wheelchair. I greeted her by going up and putting my head in her lap to be petted. Once the petting stopped, I tried to climb up in her lap for more. I'm ready and waiting to go to my new forever home!


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