Roxie # 2

*** I am fostered in Danbury, North Carolina. Easy, affordable transportation is available.***

My name is Roxy. I am 6 months old and weigh 24 lbs. (11/5) I used to ride with my dad, a trucker) until he lost that job. His new boss does not let me come along so I was surrendered to the rescue. I'm a very sweet, humble little girl. I get along good with other dogs, cats, and kids. I have been raised around a four-year-old. I'm not really a lap dog, but enjoy sitting with someone. I am kennel trained and like to sleep in my kennel at night with a blanket. I especially like it when I get a treat for going into my kennel and from coming in from going potty. I am slow to warm up to strangers, but once I know you, I love you. I walk ok on a leash okay and would enjoy long walks or going for a jog. I don't really play with toys, but I love chew treats. I have a medium to high energy level. I enjoy hanging out in the house, but I'm used to running around with kids in the yard or following them on their bicycles. I don't try to take food off of the table or counter tops, but I have been known to get in the trash. My pictures are sort of blurry, and more pictures will be taken. Those are pictures of me leaving my mom to go in to the rescue. I'm ready to go into my new forever home any time!


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