Spunky 5 lbs

*** I am fostered in Mount Airy, North Carolina .***

My name is Spunky! I am 9-10 weeks old (10/28/21) and I weigh approximately 8 lbs. My siblings and I were turned into the local county animal shelter. Our parents were family pets with great temperaments!  Because our parents were also mixed breeds, we do not know if we are going  be small or medium-sized adults. We are a very friendly, well socialized litter. We love to play with each other and with toys. We have a pretty typical energy level for puppies our age. We like to play, eat, nap, and then start all over again. We like to give lots of puppy kisses also. 

Email is the best method of contact. Applications can be found on our website  carolinacaninerescuenc.com

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