Baby (Boston)

My name is Baby! I am fostered in Mount Airy, North Carolina. Easy, affordable transportation is available though. I was born 3/17/09 and I weigh 18 lbs. I outlived both of my owners so I am now in a foster home until I can find a forever home. I get along well with the other dogs of all sizes and ages, rabbits, exotic birds, and cats. I get along well with children but will not be adopted into a home with young children because I am so small. I have a very sweet disposition and enjoy playing with toys. My favorite toy is any kind of rope toy! I love a good game of tug and playing fetch. I will even bring the ball back to you!  I'm very friendly and I greet everyone that comes in the door.  I'm very mellow  and have a low to medium energy level. I rarely bark and I ride well in the car.  I'm well behaved in the house and outside, but I do get on the furniture. I live for attention  and I absolutely love sitting in a lap. In fact I would spend the day there if allowed. My foster is trying to puppy pad train me but I miss the pad sometimes. I would much rather go outside to potty. I don't have any joint problems that I know of. I have a little bit of scarring on one eyeball and a small cyst on the other eye, but I can see just fine.  It will not get any bigger and requires no treatment. I am a very loving little girl just waiting to go to a home where I can be spoiled silly for the rest of my days!  

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