I! My name is Bear! I used to be Baby Bear, but I think I've outgrown that name! I just turned 3 in October and weigh about 95 lb. I'm good with other dogs and children. I don't know about cats because the rescue doesn't have any. I ride well in the car and enjoy going on car rides. I'm well behaved in the house. I don't try to counter surf or get in the trash. I don't chew anything up. I belonged to a handicapped woman and she said I know how to turn on the lights and open the door for her. I have not done this at the fosters house, but have not been asked to. My former owner walked with a walker and I would get between her and the walker when we were napping so she could not get up and go without me. When we went out on the deck, I would not leave the deck until she did.  The reason she gave me up is because one day I laid across the chest and she could not push me off and called animal control. They recommended that she rehome  me. I loved her dearly!  I have settled well into my new foster home though. I enjoy being outside now and will greet strangers with a wagging tail when they approach. I love everybody! I'm ready to go to my new forever home and I'm just waiting for the right family to come along! 

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