Inca ♥

Hi! My name is Inca! I was turned into the animal shelter by our owners along with my brother Iggy, and two Jack Russells. We all came from the same household. The Jack Russells are extremely sweet and loving. Inca and I are both very timid. We have only been in the rescue few days and are slowly coming out and checking out our new environment. Our foster parents have not heard us bark yet. We have not shown any signs of aggression. We are just shy and need a family that will continue to socialize us so we can grow into our best selves. We get along well with other dogs. The rescue does not have any cats so we have not been cat tested but as shy and submissive as we are, we would probably do fine with cats too. We have medium energy. The rescue thinks that we are four to five months old and weigh approximately 15 pounds (8/15/19). We have not been to the vet yet to confirm this. We like to play with each other. We are looking for our perfect home that will be patient and continue to expose us to new people and places. Email is the best method of contact.


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