Max Loves to play!

Hi! My name is Max! I am 10 to 11 months old and weigh about 20 to 23 lb. My coat is soft and silky, like a Maltese. I do shed though, not a lot,  but I cannot be considered hypoallergenic.  I came from a household with four small children. I am pretty high energy and love being outside. I also love to be held and snuggle though.  I love playing with the other dogs and with toys. I get along great with all the dogs. I haven't met a stranger yet!  I  greet everyone at the door trying to jump on them, wagging my tail, and  with a big smile on my face.  I need a little work on my manners. I  ride well in the car and walk okay on leash. I do pull a little bit on leash.  I would probably do well the gility training. I'm pretty high energy and cannot just be left in a crate all day waiting for you to come home from work. I need something to do or another dog to play with.. I would love a home with or without children as long as I could go on daily walk or jogging. I would also enjoy camping, boating, hiking, etc. I'm a friendly, well natured little boy ready for my new forever home!   Email is the best method of contact.

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