Spuds watch all of my videos!

My name is Spuds! I am approximately 8 months old and weigh 30 - 35 lbs. I have an excellent disposition and I live to play! I'm also excellent at giving lots of puppy kisses! I do not have any toy or food aggression. I get along great with dogs of all sizes and ages.  I'm not sure how I am with cats because the rescue doesn't have any. I love to run and play with any dog that will play with me and I leave the dogs alone that do not want to play. I have been exposed to 15 or more foster dogs and got along with all of them! My best friend is a 18 lb puppy. I I'm working on house training. I do bark at strangers but warm up quickly. I do not try to dart out the door when it is open. I love my people and love being around them. I am quite entertaining and full of personality.  I sleep in a crate at night and go inside and outside all through the day. I am very smart and very interested in my environment. I would make a great running or walking buddy. I am a wonderful companion! I'm ready and waiting to go to my new forever home! I have several videos of me playing and interacting with people. You can see just how sweet I am! 

I get a new toy

Playing with my best friend, a 12 wk. old puppy

I get along great with the other foster dogs

Indoor play

I love my toys


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